The Grove in memory of the heroes of aviation in Kuchino (Russia, Moscow region, city district Balashikha) was

made by schoolchildren in 1946-1948 - after Great Patriotic War.

Before the War, there was the contact polygon. 

In 2011 in this area the active construction of multi-storey buildings has began. The locals wanted this grove has been preserved.

In the winter of 2011-2012 a lot of locals were on duty around the clock in the Grove that the developer could not put his construction equipment and cut down trees.

In 2012, the Governor of the Moscow region was Sergey Shoigu (now he is Minister of defense of Russia). 

When he learned that someone wants to destroy the Grove

in memory of the heroes of the War, he personally came to support the locals, and at the highest level was forbidden to cut down trees.

In the spring of 2012 the first concert right under the open sky right in the Grove. There were the students and

graduates of the Moscow Conservatory who performed for the locals. Since then, the concerts in the Grove have become regular during the warmer months of the year.

Governor S.Shoigu with locals (2012)
Order of Patriotic War
The first concert at the Grove (2012)


The well of Andrei Bely is the part of the eco-tourist route "The Path of Andrei Bely", which opened in August 2016. 
In addition to the well the route "The Path of Andrei Bely" includes: the Orlov pond (MD.Saltykovka), as well as the wooden House of Poet and set opposite to it the Monument to Poet, which became the first monument to Andrei Bely in Russia (2015, sculptors S. Alosa and N. Bazuk).
The House of Poet and Monument to Poet are located in MD.Kuchino near by the train station.


This is the maple, under which Andrei Bely loved to spend his time and write his poetry.

During a hurricane in May

2017 the maple suffered.

June 17, local residents held events in order to protect the tree from further destruction.